Quality improvement is definitely my business, is it yours?

Quality improvement is everyone’s business but it is the CGHS Board and senior management who need to provide the right environment and develop a culture that supports continuous improvement and innovation.

This why we are currently documenting our approach to continuous improvement through a Quality Improvement and Innovation Framework. The framework’s purpose is to describe how CGHS is working to embed continuous improvement and innovation within our organisation and develop a high performing positive culture.

Our core value with regard to quality is “excellence with the client at the centre”. To “live” our value we have been working hard to embed a quality culture across the organisation so that our clients’ experience of CGHS is characterised by the following:

  • seamless, coordinated, integrated and timely provision of person centred care;
  • capable individuals and teams working within structures and processes that support quality outcomes and continuous improvement;
  • facilities and equipment that enable the provision of efficient, effective and sustainable service delivery; and
  • a workforce that places a very high value on excellent customer service and client patient advocacy.

To achieve this requires a comprehensive response from the Board and senior management to provide an environment and a culture that supports a capable and engaged workforce.

Central to this objective is the development of a high performing positive culture which is both results driven and people focussed. It is also:

  • Assertive and achievement focussed;
  • Collaborative and decisive;
  • Proactive and strategic;
  • Innovative and engaging
  • Optimistic and realistic

Frank Evans, Chief Executive Officer.

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