Big last day

Former medical interns at CGHS, Adrian Teo and Eshana Singh, won’t forget their last day at Sale Hospital.

The two were part of the GRIT program (Gippsland Regional Intern Training) on rotation from Latrobe Regional Hospital in Traralgon.

The following is a small piece from Adrian about his time with CGHS with photos:IMG_1159 Doc 1 IMG_1161 IMG_1237 IMG_1242 IMG_1244 IMG_1249

“First of all, I would like to say, thanks so much for the opportunity to work there. My experience throughout my 10 weeks rotation has been the best. The nursing staff, from both the medical ward and surgical are amazing. They are the friendliest and most helpful people in the whole Australia. Same goes to the X-Ray, Pathology and Emergency.

I think CGHS has got one of the most efficient health care system I have ever worked with and unique with its culture being very close to each other making everyone feels at home and a family like feeling. This way, not only everyone can work together well but patient care can be at its optimum.

I never face any problem ordering an X-Ray request anytime of the day/week which I think is the highest level when it comes to patient care. Bloods can be done efficiently and results are out quick.

Intern teaching is excellent, weekly grand round with consultants gave me the confidence in speaking to them and discussing important findings. I really cherish the opportunity to learn and be part of a team with some of the best consultants in the region – Dr Connor, Dr Ziffer, Dr Uddin, Dr Mandaleson and Dr John Hambly.

Finally I would like to thank all hospital staff Medical Ward: Mel (ward clerk), Sandy (ward clerk), Kate (ward clerk, thanks for the cake!), nurses (Kate, Kira, Sussie, and others), Care Coordinator (Kris and Jeff). Surgical Ward: Donna (ward clerk), nursing staff (Gary-you are the man!, Deb-you are the loveliest lady I’ve ever met). All dialysis nurses who called me for medical concerns regarding patient in dialysis! The best pharmacist in town (Jackie,Michelle and Amanda).

If given the chance again I would definitely like to come back and work again with these people.

Finally, I would like to say CHGS has one of the best patient centred care I have ever seen. Keep it up. Stick to tradition and be proud with it.”

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