Person Centred Care

Person Centred Care is an important part of ongoing staff training at CGHS.

Under the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards, Partnering with Consumers standard, CGHS is committed to providing training to our clinical leaders, senior managers and our entire workforce on the extremely important area of Person Centred Care.

CGHS Community Network Support Officer, Jude Deedman, has created a new platform, now available on Moodle and is accessible to all staff, to assist with this training.

The content is not exhaustive in length and the platform is easy to navigate. The platform includes short You Tube clips, developed by the Victorian Healthcare Experience. The short clips focuses on the topics of Confidence/Trust, Information and Communication, Emergency Care, Care and compassion and Maternity Care.

According to Jude, the information on the platform focuses on the importance of listening to clients and patients.

“There are short You Tube clips to view, definitions around Person Centred Care and other documents of interest,” Jude said. “The You Tube grabs are particularly insightful and don’t take long to watch.”

The CGHS Person Centred Care definition places the person at the centre of their own care and involves:

  • A collaborative and respectful partnership between our health service and the person;
  • respecting the contribution the person can make to their own health, such as their values, goals, past experience, and knowledge of their own health needs, and the person in turn respecting the contribution of the multidisciplinary team who contribute their professional expertise, skills and knowledge to the best of their ability.

“I strongly urge all staff to self-enrol and check out the platform,” Jude added.

Go to Moodle, click on ‘Organisational Training’, click on ‘What else can I learn? Enrol yourself here’, then click on ‘Person Centred Care by Jude Deedman’.

It’s as simple as that.

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