Laughter Medicine

How good is a great laugh?

How many times are we told to “loosen up”.

You can find out with a WELLvember workshop called ‘Laughter Medicine’.

This hilarious, fun-filled session on Monday November 9 in the Lecture Hall from 3-4.30pm will show you how to engerise your sense of humour and bring more laughter into your live.

The laughter theme continue with a “Laughter Yoga” session on Thursday 26 November in the lecture hall from 5-6pm. You will learn how to use laughter and play to help express emotions in a healthy and positive manner. And exercise is a great tool.

These two workshops will expand your thinking about the power of humour in health, healing and wellbeing.

Another beneficial workshop that goes hand-in-hand with healthy living is learning the importance of sleep.

This ‘Sleep Seminar’ is designed to demonstrate the importance of sleep and how beneficial it is to our health and wellbeing. It will discuss topics such as sleep architecture; circadian rhythm; common sleep disorders; home-based sleep studies; and sleep hygiene.

To book for these workshops, contact Jenny Baker in Learning Services, ext. 98511 or email

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