Community register

A database of people willing to provide their views on a range of health-related topics has been set up by Central Gippsland Health Service.

The new Consumer Opinion Register was launched as a way of getting the views of everyone in the community. Those who have expressed a willingness to be contacted to date include:

  • Three aged care
  • Three cardiovascular
  • One dementia
  • Two diabetes
  • Four disability
  • Four diversity
  • Four mental health
  • Three oral health
  • Three early years
  • One dialysis
  • One disadvantaged families
  • Two pain management
  • Two home care
  • One families
  • One drug and alcohol

This initiative, a first for CGHS, is supported by the service’s Consumer Liaison Group (CLG).

CGHS community network support officer, Jude Deedman, said since calling for expressions of interest, a number of residents had responded but many more were needed.

“It is often difficult for people to attend a formal meeting however they would still like to be asked for their views,” Jude said. “We need to listen to all voices.

“We really want to attract people who represent our diverse community and encourage them to register.

“We will make contact with people on the register if we are focussing on work that may involve a topic of their particular interest.

“That maybe a request to complete a survey, have a discussion with a staff member, take part in a work group or review some information brochures.”

The topics people have indicated they are interested in include: aged care, cardiovascular, dementia, Diabetes, disability, diversity, mental health, oral health, early years, dialysis, disadvantaged families, pain management, home care, families and drug and alcohol.

According to Jude, some people may have an interest across a number of areas which was fine. “The more input we get the better,” she added.

Jude said the register was “consumer driven”.

“Our CLG recognises that it is difficult for many people to attend regular meetings. Parents with young children may want to share their views but find themselves housebound. Older people may find transport difficult. This register also provides anonymity for those who want to have input but don’t feel confident speaking in front of a group.

“They can choose their preferred method of contact – by post, online, email, phone or in person.

“If our staff come to us and need community input, we have this database at our fingertips which can be used. It will be invaluable.”

If you are interested in more details about the register, call Jude  on 5143 8600.

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