Paper saving competition

Innovation is an important part of any organisation and CGHS is no exception.

This innovation was never more evident than in the response to the CGHS Paper Saving Competition which attracted 14 entries.

General Manager Support Services, John Millar, said the response was excellent and thanked all those who submitted an idea to assist the organisation with reducing paper.

“We received 14 creative ideas of which I have detailed the top five (below),” Jon said. “However based upon the great response and amount of positive ideas, we have decided to provide all entries into the competition with a prize.”

Those entries were from: Di Bedggood, Teresa Roberts, Helen Ried, Sue Martin, Caroline Epskamp, Dave Curtin, Sandi Stagg, Lynne Pearson, Arthur Dell, Elma Moran and Mandy Pusmucans.

The top five paper saving ideas were:

  • Work on solution to remove the need to print pathology results.
  • Enable better computer access.
  • If printing is required, print consolidated reports rather than individual.
  • Aged care – resident care plans now photocopied to fit two pages per side, reducing paper by half.
  • Pathology results directly imported into practice software versus the previous paper scanned process.
  • Changes to the amount of information on the community service monthly accounts, reducing amount of paper used per account.
  • Investigation and introduction of secure electronic signatures to reduce need to print and sign documents

“Ahron and the ICT team will be working with each person who submitted an idea to help in the implementation and provide the required support to successfully integrate the ideas if they haven’t been achieved already,” Jon said.

All prizes can be collected from either Michelle or Tess in Human Resources.

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