Annual meeting

The CGHS annual meeting was held in the Lecture Hall of the Sale campus on December 1 where the annual report was tabled.

Chair Glenn Stagg and Chief executive Officer Frank Evans tabled their reports while General Manager Finance, Daryl Cooper delivered the financial report.

A presentation of the Linen Service expansion was given by Director of Support Services, Jon Millar and Linen Service Manager, Adam Crotty.

A highlight of the meeting was the official signing of the Tri Board Alliance Memorandum of Understanding between CGHS, the Stretton Park Board of Management and Heyfield Hospital Board of Management.

This is a significant document for the three entities as it formalises our alliance, paving the way for a strong future and ensures all three will maintain their own identities on this path.

CGHS has had a long standing management agreement with Stretton Park and Heyfield Hospital and this MoU is consistent with our strategic direction.

The planning process for the MoU started when all three boards took part in a workshop late last year and has continued in 2015. While the signing of this document signifies a milestone in our relationship, it should be viewed as the start of new era.

The MoU articulates the operational arrangements for viability, collaboration and coordinated services across the alliance.

All parties have worked together under the agreement to put in place various strategies to improve sustainability. Stretton Park and Heyfield Hospital will maintain their own identities but the MoU recognises their strong linkage with CGHS.

The agreement recognises the role of CGHS in providing operational management support but also acknowledges the boards of Stretton Park and Heyfield Hospital in retaining their roles of setting the strategic direction for their respective services. In fact CGHS has supported both our alliance partners in developing their own new strategic plans.

Heyfield Hospital and Stretton Park are an integral part of the Heyfield, Maffra and surrounding communities, providing much needed services and positively contributing to their sustainability, and will continue with this important role.

Meanwhile Glen said CGHS continued to progress well on achieving the mission stated in the Strategic Plan of providing health and community services to “best meet the needs of our community, and strengthening our core values in the areas of social justice, honesty and integrity, quality, caring and supportive service and respect for people”.

Pictured below are Daryl Cooper and Jon Millar giving their presentations at the CGHS annual meeting.AR 2AR

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