Whiteboard Project

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Pictured top left is Dietetics Manager, Keren Fuhrmeister, top right, Speech Pathology Manager Kath Cook and above, Senior Physio Marcel Verkaart.

The use of the Whiteboard Project as a means of improving communication between CGHS staff and senior management has undergone a revitalisation this year.

While whiteboards have been in use around the service for a year or so, staff are being encouraged to implement their regular use as a communication tool.

Director of Community Services, Mandy Pusmucans, said the whiteboard initiative was an innovation across the organisation to enable teams to put forward ideas and solutions, and to gain support from the Executive team where relevant.

“We want people to bring forward their ideas and if they can’t be addressed within the department then they should be elevated to the executive,” Mandy said. “All staff bring their expertise to CGHS and we want to work with each other with the overall aim of improving the health and wellbeing of our community.”

Each month, Mandy joins chief executive officer Frank Evans and Director of Nursing Denise McInnes to walk around as many departments as possible so these ideas on the whiteboards can be discussed.

“These ideas stay on the whiteboard until there is a satisfactory outcome,” Mandy said.

Mandy said a recent visit to the various sections of Allied Health had demonstrated that the ‘Whiteboards for Improvement’ was working well.

The comments from all teams on the benefits of the whiteboards was positive as was feedback. Their staff can see the progress of the actions on the whiteboards and they are a regular item on their team meetings.

CEO Frank Evans praised Allied Health staff for their whiteboard presentations. He encouraged other staff to talk to them about the project.

“It is great to see the response to the Whiteboard Project and I encourage all departments at CGHS to continue in their efforts,” Frank said.

The following are some of the items and ideas discussed (noting that some actions were determined and are being pursued):

 Social Health showcased by Manager Kristen Millar.

Item: IPADS with internet access for patients therapy

Action: Ask IT for update on this project.

 Item: EFTPOS or ATM machine at cafeteria for patients and visitors.

Action: Ask Food Services Manager to pursue.

Speech Pathology  showcased by Manager Kath Cook

 Item: NDIS rollout – suggestion is to establish a committee to oversee the rollout of this program and the CGHS place in this.

Action: CGHS Board Strategic Plan workshop planned for Feb 2016 to start determining CGHS role going forward for HACC and NDIS.

Item: Website development to support CGHS profile in the context of the above. Explained that this is a priority now, and the importance is understood in the context of the various reforms. Branding workshop occurring as part of this.

Action: Managers all to review their service directory and current website information, so that it is up to date and ready to go on the new platforms. Have a look at other websites to see how they are promoting themselves.

 Item: Medicare billing for Pathways to Good Health

Action: Kath will discuss with project manager Deanne, to revisit the PTGH guidelines.

 Item:  Communication access module on Moodle and include this as a CGHS competency for staff.

Actions: Mandy placed on agenda of Leadership and Management for discussion,

with a view to gaining support from the group, then working with Learning

Services to develop the learning module.

Kath to collate the educational information she has developed to date, in readiness to work with Learning Services and placing this on the Moodle Platform; then educating staff.

Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology presented by senior physio Mercel Verkaart

No issues for Exec at this point but the following comments were made:

Some great work occurring – the new postnatal group has gone well and another is in the planning.

Processes and forms are being progressively revised and uploaded on to Prompt.

Dietetics showcased by Manager Keren Fuhrmeister


Item: What to do with old equipment no longer suitable for use? Can this be handed on to

underprivileged groups? We know that this has occurred via groups such as Rotary, but there is no clear guideline on this.

Action: Review Disposal of Equipment procedure to include guidance on the above.

Item: Medicare provider numbers / Medicare billing for relevant allied health activity outside our

CWH/HACC/HIP funding programs.

Action: Workshop this in Feb with relelvnat people from finance. Item: Sub contracting dietetics services to other agencies – such as GP clinics. Action: Keren explore a little further.

Occupational Therapy – showcased by new OTs Joshua Vargese and Emily O’Connor

Item: CCU and Medical Ward often asking OT to supply equipment for patients – suggestion is that the wards purchase or hire their own equipment.

Action: Suggestion that we work through this with the Nursing Managers.

 Item: Bariatric equipment (wheelchairs, waiting room chairs) needed throughout the organisation.

Action: Bariatric equipment stocktake and then recommendations for purchase. OT can assist with this.

Item: Ward Volunteers to do diversional activities for inpatients – OT happy to help the setup of some resources if needed.

Action: OT to talk with NUMs re this.

 Item: IPM information – needs to include pension card numbers and health care card numbers (plus expiry date) – suggestion is that this be routinely collected at Intake and other admission points.

Action: Work with the Health Information Manager and Intake regarding this.


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