Easing the heartache

Jade Green knows only too well the heartache of having a stillborn child after supporting a close friend in this situation.
So Jade, also a midwife, embarked on a personal crusade to help other families faced with this situation by donating a “cuddle cot” to the Women’s and Children’s Unit at Central Gippsland Health Service.
A cuddle cot is a cooling machine that keeps a deceased baby’s body cool so that he or she can stay with their family for up to a week.
“This allows them more time to say goodbye in their own time and create priceless memories with their baby,” Jady said.
As well as the cot which cost almost $5000, Jade donated 50 memory boxes containing items for the family to keep. She raised the money through fundraising and donations.
“I donated the cuddle cot and memory boxes because a close friend of mine lost her son to stillbirth and I wanted to do something in his memory and to make some difference to these families,” Jade said.
“I feel so lucky to have two healthy children and unfortunately not everyone is as lucky, so I’m glad I could make a small difference.”
Pictured above is Jade Green (right) and CGHS midwife Tracey McKay with the new cuddle cot. Also pictured is Jade with staff of the CGHS Women’s and Children’s Unit.

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