Help save a life

The number of organ donors in Victoria is increasing, according to CGHS Nurse Donation Specialist, Sue Shadbolt.
In fact figures just released by DonateLife show Victorians are some of most generous residents in Australia.
Sue said DonateLife released figures that showed that 126 Victorians donated their donations after death last year, compared to 117 in 2014 – an eight per cent increase on the previous year.
“These generous donors gave 406 organs for transplantation, helping transform the lives of people on the waiting list,” Sue said.
Victoria’s record breaking 483 organs to be transplanted.
Victorian Minister for Health, Jill Hennessy, paid tribute to each of the Victorian donors and their families who made the gracious decision to help others.
“I thank each and every one of the 126 Victorian organ donors and their families who gave the incredible gift that can help change the lives of up to 10 people,” Minister Hennessy said.
“Organ and tissue donation can mean the difference between life and death, being healthy and sick, or between seeing and being blind.
“I would encourage everyone to register to be an organ and tissue donor and to have this really important conversation with your loved ones so they know your desire to help others.”
Meanwhile Victorian State Medical Director, Dr Rohit D’Costa, reminded the community there was still much more that needed to be done to ensure “we can provide more life-saving transplants to very sick Australians”.
“We continue to be humbled by the generous gift of donation and the families who support their loved one’s decision during a tragic time,” Dr D’Costa said.
“Each organ and tissue donation is an incredible gift and we work hard to provide families with the right information and support to make an informed decision about organ and tissue donation. We find that when families know the wishes of their loved one this makes the decision much easier and can provide comfort in a time of immense loss.”

Victoria’s highest organ donor figures on record speak not only to the state’s spirit of giving and heightened donation awareness, but also the dedication of the DonateLife network and health professionals, in particular at major transplant hospitals; The Alfred, Royal Melbourne, Austin and Monash.
These four centres handled two-thirds of deceased donations in 2015. Collectively, regional Victorian hospitals contributed the most donation cases than ever before last year.
“Victoria’s 2015 results see us rise from 20 donors per million population (dpmp) in 2014 to 21.2 dpmp (a six per cent increase). This demonstrates Victoria is on track to reach the 25 dpmp target by 2018,” Dr D’Costa said.
For more information about organ and tissue donation visit:
To register to become an organ and tissue donor visit:

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