Make a change!

Lots of posters and information is currently being displayed across CGHS campuses, urging everyone to “join the movement”.

It’s all about Change Day on 16 March – a social movement that invites the health and community care workforce across Australia to make a pledge to do one thing to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals, communities and the Australian health and community care system as a whole.

CGHS Redesign Project Officer, Sue Martin, this movement was not regional, state not even Australia-wide. “This is an international movement,” Sue said. “It is a movement for change. This is your chance to do just that. The change doesn’t have to be earth moving or ground breaking. It is a change that can be simple.”

Change Day Ltd. is a not for profit public company, limited by guarantee and governed by a Board of Directors. Its purpose is:

* To mobilise and energise people involved in health and community care in Australia to create better outcomes for individuals; communities and the Australian health and community care system as a whole.

* To stimulate, engage and encourage people to believe they can make a difference wherever  they are and whatever their roles in respect of health and community care in Australia.

* To encourage and generate tangible support for positive changes to ensure equitable health outcomes and sustainable health and community care systems in Australia.

* To connect compassion, care and joy with improvements in quality, safety, innovation and better health outcomes.

According to Sue, simply making someone smile is an invaluable trait. “So what do you say, let’s pledge a change and celebrate that pledge on 16 March,” Sue said.

“You will find pledge leaves and banners around the hospital, right your pledge on a leaf and stick it around our tree.”

Check out the website for more inspiration. Submit your pledge online and be one of the thousands making a difference.

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