Become a change-maker

Change Day invites you to be change-makers in health, aged care and community services right across Australia.

It’s easy to get caught up believing that change needs to start somewhere else. We can end up waiting for someone else to ‘fix’ things or waiting for someone to give us permission to be amazing, or even just to do what we know need to be done.

Don’t wait any longer! Wherever you are and whatever your role is in health and community care, you can make a difference. Together our potential is enormous.

March 16 this year was the first of many “Change Day” celebrations for Central Gippsland Health Services.

All areas across the organisation were encouraged to pledge a change that they would like to be involved in throughout the year a total of 38 people made a pledge. A competition was held to see which areas could pledge the most.

The winners were Learning Services with seven pledges, followed by a close second from the executive team.

Pledges were also submitted by:

  • Oncology
  • Surgical
  • Engineering
  • Laundry
  • Operating Rooms
  • Food Services
  • Medical
  • Dialysis
  • Women & Children
  • Emergency

Prizes will be delivered at the beginning of May.

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