A forum for discussion

The CGHS open staff forums at Sale and Maffra campuses are an opportunity for all our employees to ask questions of our managers and supervisors.

 CEO Frank Evans introduced the staff forums last year so everyone could ask questions about what was happening in the health service and why, or raise anything of interest or concern.

 Feedback from various staff surveys revealed some staff felt inadequately informed about what was happening around the service and the forums would be a way of addressing these concerns.

He urged employees to take advantage of the forums and also other information sources such as the monthly newsletter.

Some items raised at the latest forums included an update of the draft accreditation report where only one recommendation was made. CGHS achieved all 26 recommendations from the previous survey.

Management will make comments on the draft which will now be re-issued as the official report.

 A progress report was giving on current building works. It was also noted that a footpath has been created between the Sale hospital building and staff car park with a tree removed due to trip hazard of tree roots.

 WELLvember activities have again been supported with a full month of activities scheduled including healthy lunches in the cafeteria.

 Meanwhile a working party has been established to work towards compliance for Healthy Eating Guidelines. In another initiative, the cafeteria is looking at catering for functions and funding will be provided for a full assessment to be carried out early next year.

 Staff updates included the commencement of new theatre NUM, Mauricio Yanez. A New Zealand physician candidate visited CGHS and an initial offer has been made, new obstetrician and gynaecologist, Usary Hanna, is waiting on final VISA approval and an offer has been made to haematologist.

 New visiting medical officers include Dr Emma Paige who runs an infectious diseases clinic and also a gastroenterologist. A list of specialists is available on the G drive.

 Training in emergency medicine between LRH and CGHS is available, encouraging doctors to remain in the area, providing additional qualification and more extensive skills.

 Outside these forums, staff are welcome to ask any questions or raise any issues of concern with the management team.


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