Memorable WELLvember


The White Ribbon event held on Tuesday was the highlight of WELLvember at CGHS.

 Manager Community Health and Partnerships, Ruth Churchill said everyone who attended was “very proud of the four beard growers”.

 Four male staff members, Jon Millar (Director Support Services), Brendan Haran (Return to Work Coordinator), Paul Head (Director Residential Aged Care), and Brent Causon (Health Services Manager Affiliated Health Services) from Central Gippsland Health Service registered as White Ribbon Advocates

 The four have been growing their beards to encourage people to ask about their changed appearance, initiating conversation about standing up against violence towards women.

The campaign culminated with having their beards shaved in the Sale Hospital Cafeteria.

CGHS Social Health Manager and Women’s and Children Care Coordinator, Kristen Millar, said the White Ribbon campaign “really took off” throughout the month.

 “Each week, updated photos are sent to all staff, along with information, statistics and myth busters on violence against women,” Kirsten said.

Sarah Corbell from Gippsland Women’s Health Service has provided education and information to the four participants around family violence, explaining what questions to expect from curious people and how to respond appropriately.

 White Ribbon Ambassador Eamon Lehie was one of the speakers at Tuesday’s event, congratulating the four staff members for their efforts. Paul has decided to keep his beard for 12 months and have it shaved during WELLvember 2017.

Ruth said Paul’s gesture would provide a great opportunity to further raise awareness that men need to stand up and change male culture to prevent family violence.

Ruth thanked Kristen for organising the campaign.

Meanwhile the many other events during WELLvember were well supported including the piano stairs.

“I’ve heard the student/registrar doctors have been known to take study breaks to play tunes on the stairs,” Ruth added.

“Yoga and meditation were also well received. The meditation has been a different kind of meditation each week. Those attending have appreciated the various forms.”

Pictured top, the beards come off on Jon and Brendan, courtesy of local barber Leigh Nation. Below, Leigh carefully gets down to work.


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