Learn how to reboot your thinking

Learning Services is currently focusing on Health & Wellbeing of our minds with an initiative called ‘Reboot your thinking’.New man

Redesign Project Officer/ Undergraduate Coordinator with Learning Services, Sue Martin, has prepared the contribution below. But before you read on, click the following link.



First question:

 Is this how you feel when at work (or even in your home life)?

Second question:

 Does your mind feel over loaded, always busy, forgetting things, feeling overwhelmed?

Then maybe it is time to reboot your thinking. Like what we do with our computers or when we spring clean our houses. Declutter and keep the true value at the forefront (clean the PC from virus, unsubscribe from junk mail, get rid of the clothes we have kept for years and never worn, remove the broken equipment that sits in corners).

Doesn’t it feel good when we work with a clean environment and equipment. So why not do this with our minds.

In our last newsletter, Frank spoke about our workloads and the need to go home on time and leave your emails to work hours, leave your work to work time.

Each time we get rid of one job there will always be more and if there wasn’t the case we wouldn’t have a job, we wouldn’t be needed. The pile will never be depleted, so many of us want to see the pile go down, it might to a degree but will always grow, but maybe in a different path. So, it is managing this that will enable us to feel better about leaving the work place for the day.

So, Learning Services is going to work on clearing our minds, reboot our thinking. Each week we will focus on  different topics based on a book by Nick Bowditch “Reboot your thinking”.

The first focus is “Taking stock”.

“One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful”. Sigmund Freud

During the first  week the team will look into questions like:

  • Where are you in life right now?
  • Where have you come from?
  • Where do you want to be?
  • How close to “who you want to be” are you right now?
  • What things about yourself do you really love right now?
  • What do other people love about you?

It is up to the individuals how they respond to this as the journey is their own. Some may decide to journal their thoughts while others will just be happy to think about it.

Further weeks will cover topics like:

Unhelpful thinking

Gifts wrapped in sh##









Embracing Criticism









Your team







Being better every day

With every negative find the positive


The book “ Reboot your thinking” is available online and in paperback. The paperback version has room at the end of each chapter for participants to write their thoughts.

If anyone else is interested in joining the journey, contact Sue Martin by email sue.martin@cghs.com.au


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