Memories flood back …

 A 90-year-old former nurse at the Gippsland Base Hospital found her old room when she visited the Nurses Home as part of the open day to mark the Sale Hospital’s 150th anniversary.

Director of Community Services, Mandy Pusmucans, was overwhelmed by the responses from more than 120 interested tour participants.

“Before entering the building, I stood before probably 120 interested tour participants all eager to look through the building,” Mandy said. “I had opened up about six (not all) offices on the first floor for people to wander through as well as the Conference Room on their way out.

“Some of tour participants had lived here themselves and trained as nurses at Sale Hospital and others had relatives who had done this. And some were relatives of existing staff who wanted to see where their loved ones toiled every day.”

Mandy listed some “lovely vignettes” from the tour follow:

  • A lady in her 90s had lived here and remembered well a number of the rooms.
  • Another older lady “Isobel” had lived in the room that is now our Reception, though she said it looked quite different to when she lived here.
  • I was told that the first floor central wing towards the linen service, was always the wing where you slept when on Night Duty, because it was kept quieter.
  • Another person was keen to see the larger balconies on the linen service side of the building –  because that was where they used to hang their “smalls” on a little washing line.
  • Two ladies, a little younger, were keen to see where their mothers had lived and trained. One had a photo of their mother on the balcony – and they were keen to re-create that photo – which we were able to accommodate for them. They were so pleased. They also said that their mothers had their Wedding recipients in the Conference room. Duly attended by the Matron of the day!

 And thanks to Ruth and Bec for helping with the crowd control!”

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Laurina residents out and about

It has been a busy month of activities for residents at Laurina Lodge in Heyfield.

 Residents enjoyed an outing on the newly acquired Central Gippsland Health Network aged care bus to the Heyfield Museum where they enjoyed learning about the history of Heyfield. They went around to sites presented at museum, many comparing today with the “good old days”.

 Meanwhile as part of the social inclusion program, residents also went on a bus outing to Café 3858 in Heyfield where they were treated to scones, jam and cream plus what one resident described as the ”best orange cake ever”.

This was followed by a tour around Cowwarr and the Weir with some close encounters with wildlife.

Laurina Lodge residents play in an inter-facility pool competition against network neighbours, Stretton Park and Maffra Hospital’s McDonald wing with the last contest held at the Commercial Hotel in Heyfield.

Unfortunately the reigning champions, Heyfield, were defeated by McDonald wing. The pain of the loss was eased by the tasty fish and chips … and a good laugh.

Another outing recently saw a bus trip to the Heyfield Resource Centre with residents catching up a roast lunch.

As part of the facility’s social and community inclusion program, the residents celebrated a patron’s birthday, sharing a birthday cake and taking some back to Laurina Lodge for residents who couldn’t make the outing.

 A Mystery Tour around Heyfield followed with the first stop the old racecourse, now part of the wetlands and then onto a vantage point to look out over the district and town.

 There was lots of laughter and reminiscing. The residents thanked volunteer drivers and tour guides, Toby and Pam Riley.

 Residents who went on the trip were Norma Smith, Norma Sellings, Omah Ruthberg, Yvonne Dwyer, Des Sinnott, Leila Drew, Lorna Higgins, Kath Snow, Peter Richardson, Fay Malouf, Tini De Boer, Ruth Missen and Ailsa Dawkins. 

 CGH Health Services Manager of Affiliated Services, Brent Causon, said the social inclusion events were important for the residents.

 “We are very fortunate to have long time and valued volunteers like Toby and Pam to assist with these events,” Brent said. “The residents have fun and there is lots of reminiscing about what a wonderful place Heyfield is to live.”

 If anyone is interested in volunteering for any activities, call Deidre Lions or Sue Pearson at the Heyfield Hospital to discuss.

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Last day for graduate nurses

The CGH graduate nurses enjoyed their last study day on Tuesday 25 July with a variety of experiences.

In the morning, they participated in debrief then each presented their ‘Best Practices’.

A two-hour workshop on Stoma Therapy was presented by CGH Wound Consultant and Stoma, Therapist, Ann Payne, in the afternoon.

The graduates learnt about the different types of stomas, why the patient might have one and how to effectively manage a stoma.

They also participated in a simulated life experience practical session where they measured their own stoma and positioned the stoma bag. This experience enables better understanding, empathy, and promotes patient centred care.

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Birthday celebration for Dialysis Unit


The CGH Dialysis Unit turned 21 this year, celebrating with a dinner for 80 guests.

They included patients who have had transplants, Home Dialysis patients, families of past patients, current patients and their families, and staff.

A great night was enjoyed by everyone with many stories being told and a lot of old photos on display

Pictured above left at the special 21st birthday dinner for the CGH Dialysis Unit is visiting Nephrologist, Veena, who travels from Melbourne to see our patients each month and Isobel ,who has been on dialysis for more than 12 years. Pictured right is nurse practitioner, Marg Morris, who also travels from Melbourne to see our patients and has just retired this year ,with Dialysis Unit staff Wendy, Veena , Dennett and Lynne.




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All smiles at Dental Service

It was all smiles from children from Sale’s Glassford Kindergarten when they visited the Dental Service at Central Gippsland Health as part of the Smiles 4 Miles program.

The program is an initiative of Dental Health Services Victoria in partnership with CGH to improve the oral health of Wellington Shire’s preschool aged children and their families.

In Wellington Shire, 19 early childhood services with more than 1000 children take part. Eight kindergartens are visiting CGH throughout August.

CGH Health Promotion Officer, Jessica Harkness, said the program encouraged healthy eating, healthy drinking and good oral hygiene.

“We know that good oral health is essential to your overall health and wellbeing, and we also know that good habits are learned early in life,” Jess said.

Glassford Kindergarten teacher, Lisa Stewart, said the program assisted in teaching the children about the importance of dental care and the CGH visit helped familiarise them with the dental environment.

“We are teaching our children and their families the importance of oral health including brushing their teeth twice a day and visiting the dentist regularly before a problem occrs,” she said.

Jess said the CGH Dental Service offered free general dental care for all children aged 12 years and under. No concession cards are needed and emergency appointments are available.

For more information, and to book an appointment please call the Dental Service on 5143 8130.

 Caption: Pictured are CGH dental staff welcoming visitors from the Glassford Kindergarten.


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Make Healthy Choices at CGH

 The CGH Healthy Choices: Food and Drink Procedure has recently been approved and uploaded onto Prompt.

 ( ).

The Healthy Choices: Food and Drink Procedure promotes the health of CGH consumers, visitors and employees through increased availability of healthy food and drinks and decreased availability of unhealthy food and drinks, via retail food outlets, vending machines and official catering practices.

 Fundraising within and for CGH through the sale of ‘red’ foods or drinks is no longer permitted.

 Some healthier fundraising ideas include:

·         Fruit and vegetable fundraisers (e.g. mango fundraiser               

·         Herb, flower, vegetable and fruit growing kits, grass hair growing kits (e.g.;

·         Non-food fundraising (e.g. socks, soy candles, birthday cards, Christmas cards, non-food raffles;;

·         For more ideas please see tips from the Healthy Eating Advisory Service or contact the CGH Health Promotion team on x98 851.



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Anniversary celebrations a hit

The Sale Hospital 150th anniversary celebrations were memorable with people embracing the opportunity to mark the occasion.

Estimates of between 2500 and 3000 people turned out for the community open day, despite the chilly weather.

Following welcome to country by Jodie and official welcome by Board Chair, Glenn Stagg, the first tour of day set off.

The CGH History Collection tour saw 60 visitors crowd into the CGH Library, home of the CGH Archives.

They included 95-year-old Isabel who viewed her training record. She joined Gippsland Base Hospital in 1942 as a 20-year-old. Two generations of descendants of John McLachlan were keen to find out more about his history. He was once a Board Chair and the McLachlan Ward was named after him, now home to Dorevitch Pathology.

The Linen Service tour featured the story of its growth to the current profitable business arm of the service today. 

Medical Imaging Manager Simon Waixel demonstrated a radiograph of his arm while Rob Ziffer gave an entertaining and informative tour of the hospital.

The tour of the former Nurses Home attracted around 120 visitors. The History Hub was a constant attraction, in particular displays of nurse graduation photos and the first phase recordings of the event’s signature project, Sale Hospital Oral History, being prepared by Gippsland Oral History.

The history slide show in the foyer of the hospital also had lots of interested onlookers as did the department displays including Pathology, Library, Theatre, Supply, Switch and Maternal Child Health.

Cr Darren McCubbin was master of ceremonies and directed visitors to the food tents, auxiliary and old ambulance displays as well as the ‘Name Tags’ display where people could write if they were born at the hospital, worked or trained there.

A mixed crowd pf 310 guests, including current and former staff from across CGH, attended the gala ball later in the evening.

Band Code One entertained guests with local guest artist Taylor Clavarino.

Highlights were the theatrical skit featuring John Bridgeman, staff and the Maffra Dramatical Society performing surgery on CEO Frank Evans, Leo O’Brien’s auction and reflective speeches from former Chair John Sullivan and former CEO Peter Craighead.

The fundraising balloon popping to reveal $100 notes and random prizes was very competitive.

The digital photos from the ball and slide show can be viewed in cafeteria with order forms and payment going directly to photographer or HR.

A big thank you must go to everyone involved in organising and staging the event.

005 new.jpg

Pictured clockwise from top are: the Dialysis display; Divya Nandha and Rob Ziffer; Maternal and Child Health display; graduation photos; Barbie and Margie at the Listening Post; Rob Ziffer’s tour of Critical Care Unit; Noel and the girls at the Listening Post; the Maternal and Child Health Display; the History Hub; CGH Chair Glenn Stagg officially opening the community day; and the ambulance display.


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